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CAD 3d rendering
Title Technical office CAD 3D

CAD 3D renderingAGAZZI GIANCARLO srl can meet any 3D design requirements and offer a comprehensive service including development, adjustment and realisation of assemblies and machine part lists from drawings that have been made directly by the company or have been acquired from other sources (e.g. customer or designers.)
High reliability and attention is also provided for transposition and/or transformation of older drawings made with different systems (older CAD systems or manually) into 3D part drawings, with assembled drawings and part lists, too.

NOTE: Our technical service always entails the corresponding realisation of the product
(component, equipment, machine) at our manufacturing departments.

AGAZZI GIANCARLO srl carries out 3D projects using SOLIDWORKS® software, but we can also import and export files in a number of formats to meet the customer’s specific needs.

3D Software

3D Software Solid Works

Solid Works® Office Professional
3D mechanical design programme including applications for:

  • 3D mechanical design
  • PDMWork data management
  • 2D table creation
  • part list creation and management
  • peening creation and management
  • trade component libraries
  • accurate representation of 2D and 3D models through eDrawings Professional
  • creating AVI files using parts and assemblies
  • creating photo-like images
  • automated assembly activities using a standard part library
3D Hardware

CAD stations
No. 1 CAD station on Dell PC

Network server
No. 1 Dell network server

No. 1 roll and single-sheet plotter (A0 format)

No. 2 laser printers (A4/A3 format)
No. 1 ink jet printer (A4 format)

3D Projects

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