Agazzi Giancarlo terms of use


Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use
Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use

Agazzi Giancarlo srl ( AGAZZI ) is committed to conducting purchasing business with the highest ethical standards. Maintaining these standards has never been more important than in today’s competitive and rapidly changing global business climate.

The highest legal, moral and ethical standards of honesty, integrity and fairness have to be practiced in the conduct of AGAZZI’s Business Partners ( SUPPLIERS ). In order to meet this standard, AGAZZI expects each of its SUPPLIERS to operate and act in full compliance with this Code of Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations. AGAZZI expects that SUPPLIERS will hold their suppliers and other third parties to the same standards, and as such this Code of Conduct also applies to affiliates and subcontractors of SUPPLIERS and to their respective facilities to the extent those facilities supply goods and services for ultimate sale to or use by AGAZZI.

This Code of Conduct indicates that SUPPLIERS have agreed to both the main principles of Social Responsibility and the essential rights of workers with regard to social legislation (such as pay, holidays, working hours, etc.) and with regard to health and safety in the workplace.

AGAZZI reserves the right to assess conformance to these requirements and will expect our SUPPLIERS to correct non-conformance issues identified during assessments. Upon request, SUPPLIERS will provide AGAZZI with information to enable it to assess conformance with the Code of Conduct. We want to work with our SUPPLIERS to improve conditions. If a SUPPLIERS refuses or is unable to correct the non-conformance to our satisfaction, we may terminate the relationship as a last resort.

Agazzi Giancarlo srl - Code of Conduct for Business Partner ( Suppliers )