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Laser cutting CAM models
Laser Cutting Cam Software

AGAZZI GIANCARLO srl carries out all types of LASER CUTTING operations regardless of their complexity through suitable CAD-CAM software products that use post-processor programmes to generate CNC lists for the laser cutting system deployed at our company.
Applying the processing technology to a profile/surface can be done directly within the CAM programme by creating a model out of a paper drawing or using DWG/DXF format files of CAD systems that have either been made by our technical office or provided by the customer.
The LASER CUTTING system is interfaced with the CAM programme through a network connection managed by a data transfer management software.
This connection allows programme download and storage after processing to ensure repeatability on future batches.

AGAZZI GIANCARLO srl creates CNC programmes using the BYSOFT® software.

The following chart shows how our CAM programming system is organised and interfaced/connected to the LASER CUTTING machine:

CAM programming system organised and interfaced/connected to the LASER CUTTING machine

Titolo Software

Programme for the automatic programming of CNC laser cutting machines

Programme for the automatic programming of CNC laser cutting machines with:

  • “geometry” module to graphically build profiles and surfaces of the part to be machined with an “interactive” system, through importing or using geometric primitives (dots, lines, circles, spline curves, etc.)
  • processing parts based on specific orders and the creation of cutting planes with a wide range of nesting and post-processor options
  • integrated management of Bysoft data that are common to multiple modules
  • data transfer management, from CNC machines to CAM computers
  • powerful editor and simulator for CNC programmes
Hardware for Laser Cutting CAM

CAM stations
No. 1 CAM station on Dell PC

Title projects

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