Agazzi Giancarlo terms of use


Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use
Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use

According to theories on sustainable development, corporations are the main cause of environmental and social imbalances. At the same time, they are the players who more than all others have the power, working in cooperation with governments and civil society organizations, to improve the quality of development, because their activities affect a large number of stakeholders. The ability to manage relations with stakeholders, beyond the requirements of laws and regulations, consistent with corporate social responsibility, is essential for the continuity and success of business endeavors.

Sustainability is a strategic element of Agazzi Giancarlo srl’s business model. The creation of value is based on the ability to pursue economic objectives while at the same time reducing environmental impacts, consistent with a sustainable development approach, thereby meeting the expectations of all stakeholders. For Agazzi Giancarlo srl, corporate social responsibility is more than just charitable contributions and sponsorships. It is something that it applies every day to the management of its business operations.

Choices of tangible commitment, which in the past had seen cooperation with several associations in our countries.