Agazzi Giancarlo terms of use


Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use
Agazzi Giancarlo mechanical machining terms of use

The Agazzi Giancarlo srl’s Code of Ethics was adopted on the 1st june 2011.  The company intends to use this tool to identify the general principles and rules of conduct that can be recognised as having ethical value. The document summarises the Values of the organisation and the ways in which it intends to apply them: in other words, it is a tool that highlights the commitment of the company in its pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility.
The Code of Ethics is a tool that develops the culture of corporate values towards its stakeholders and aims to guide the actions of the company towards ethical conduct. It aims to make principles effective by introducing a system of rules, the observance of which is an inevitable condition in the pursuit of its corporate mission.

The Code of Ethics is a tool for self-regulation that clearly expresses the real values of corporate identity, it is an active tool that supports and guides the decision-making process. 

The principles and values that form the Code of Ethics are applied during every moment of the Company’s life and within every context that it is called on to operate in. To this end, Agazzi Giancarlo srl divulges the content and the spirit of its Code of Ethics, not just to its own directors and employees, but also to its collaborators, suppliers and clients.

Agazzi Giancarlo srl -  Code of Ethics